Social events

Come sit by the fire in Brooker, the Outdoor Interest house, and enjoy cider and food, board games, and good company. Check the calendar for upcoming MMC firesides.

Contra Dancing
Contra Dancing involves great music and is tons of fun- just ask someone who has been. All dances are taught, so no experience is necessary. Contra Dancing is an excellent way to connect with local communities in surrounding towns. Dances occur weekly in Bristol, Burlington (Queen City Contra, UVM, and St. Mikes), and Montpelier. For more information, contact Sam Colton ( For extremely in-depth information on contra dancing, check out or the dance gypsy.

Pumpkin Tumble (October)
The Mountain Club's annual harvest festival brings farm animals, games, live music, and plenty of food to Battell Beach on a Friday afternoon.

Polar Bearing
Polar Bearing (wiki link) is the art of jumping into a freezing cold lake. Thursday nights, 10:45pm, Polar Bear Papas meet all interested at Adirondack Circle. You should bring a towel. For a tune about polar bears: polar bear song. For more information about polar bearing contact: Trina (

Flaming Flamingo (May) Spring comes fast to the Champlain Valley, and before  exams begin  Lake Dunmore is the  site of the MMC's annual BBQ. Between food, music, games, and flamingo incineration, there's no better way to wrap up the year.

Northern Lights (Winter Carnival)
The Northern Lights is the MMC's Winter Carnival event, with teams competing for honor and glory through sled races, human dog sledding, snowshoe races, and tug-of-war.

Get Outside Week (January)

Teams of 4-8 compete for points by camping out in Tent City on Battell Beach, cooking out over camp stoves, sledding Lincoln Gap, polar bearing, skiing, doing homework outside, making snow sculptures, and much much more!