Calling all MiddView Leaders!

Be a MiddView Trip Leader this fall! Serve an important role in welcoming incoming freshmen to Middlebury while exploring various aspects of the natural, community, and cultural landscapes surrounding campus!

Thank you for your interest in being a MiddView Trip Leader! Being a Trip Leader is an important role at and the application process is selective. Trip Leaders serve as mentors and role models and create inclusive, welcoming and fun trip experiences for the first year class. 

If selected as a leader you will be paired with one or more co-leaders for your trip. Together you will guide 8-12 first year students on a 3 day, 2 night trip exploring various aspects of the natural, community, and cultural landscapes surrounding campus.

Please note that due to overlapping time commitments and responsibilities, You may not serve as both a Residential Life staff member (FYCs, RAs, CAs and Commons Council members) or International Student & Scholar Services Program Arrival Leaders (PALs) and also be a Trip Leader. 

Before applying, please carefully review the following required training dates for hired leaders. If unable to commit fully to them, please contact us before applying. 

• March 5th: Join us for an All Leader Welcome party from 7pm-9pm in the McCullough Social Space
• April 5th and 6th: Wilderness First Aid course for those Wilderness Leaders who lack a valid WFA, WFR, OEC or EMT certification valid through the end of September, 2014.
• April 6th: First Aid Course: for those Community Engagement and Vermont Exploration Leaders who lack Red Cross First Basic Aid or higher certification and CPR valid through the end of September, 2014.
• April 8th: Training meeting for selected returning leaders
• End of spring semester: Defensive driving course and driving test completed (for select leaders)
• August 26th: Leaders must be able to return to campus on August 26th! Leaders can unpack throughout the day, and training will start with an all leader dinner.
• August 27th – August 30th: Leader Training at the Common Ground Center; Leader Overnight field training sessions
• August 31st – September 4th: Specialty trip training, logistics and trip development 
• September 4th : Final day to prepare for your trip and Trips Launch
• September 5th – September 7th: TRIPS!!!
• September 8th: MiddView Leader Debrief 8pm-9pm
• September 14th: Trip Reunion dinner and slide show