Becoming a Guide

Step 1: Become a Guide in Training
      Participate on at least one MMC trip
      Have a current Wilderness First Aid or higher certification
      Have completed a hiking guide seminar
      Have a valid 7 or 15-passenger van license

Step 2: Do your first co-lead
After a co-lead, your application to be guide will be reviewed by the Guide Review Committee which convenes once a month. A majority vote is required to pass any new guide.

The advanced guides who a GIT in review co-led will present their evaluation of past co-leads and any other guides present who wish to make speak on behalf of the GITs outdoor experience and qualification to become a guide. If a GIT is approved, they will be an official guide. If not, they be briefed on the comments from the guide review committee and will be asked to do another co-lead and repeat the review process.

Other information to keep in mind:

Co-leads may only be led with one GIT and one advanced guide. There must be 4 participants for a co-lead to go out. A trip with less than 4 participants may not go out with a GIT. The advanced guide will review the GIT and present their co-lead summary to the guide review committee. 

Guide Resume Submission:

Prospective guides that have professionally led trips may apply to advance directly to GIT status (given that they possess WFA or higher and have a college van license). Resumes must be submitted within the first week of the semester so that the prospective guide may attend either a FOO! or MiddView bridger. A letter of recommendation from previous company employer is recommended but not required. The prospective guide must be approved by the guide review committee to advance to GIT status.

MMC Guide Structure
            Head Guide
Elected by the MMC Board
            Advanced Guide
Completed all guide requirements
Has led 4 trips at Middlebury including MiddView or FOO!
Must have a current Wilderness First Responder certification
Must attend training once a year on critically assessing co-leads
Should actively seek to do co-leads with GITs and lead guide seminars
Completed all GIT requirements
Successfully completed at least one co-lead with an advanced guide
Approved for guide status by the Guide Review Committee
            Guide-in-Training (G.I.T.)
Has been a participant on at least one MMC trip
Must have a current Wilderness First Aid or higher certification
Has completed a hiking guide seminar
Has a valid 7 or 15-passenger van license

Guide Meetings
These monthly meetings will be mandatory for all guides and advanced guides. Refreshments will be provided and outdoor short films (read: cool ski/kayak videos) will be shown. At these meetings, GIT guide applications will be reviewed as part of the Guide Review Committee.

Guide Retreat
            Will take place once a semester and be a minimal time commitment (we will car-camp). Lots of fun will be had.

First-Aid Refresher

            All guides and advanced guides will attend a first-aid scenario refresher once a semester to maintain guide status, unless they completed or recertified a WFA or higher that semester.

Questions? Contact Head Guide Parker Peltzer (