All are welcome to join us for our weekly meeting Wednesday 6:00pm in Coltrane Lounge

  • For general questions, or to advertise in our weekly email contact
  • For guides reserving a van, to submit a guide application, or questions about how to become a guide contact Parker Peltzer (
  • Submit Adventure Grant application to Sebastian Zavoico (
  • For questions about gear hours or MOP contact Derek Doucet (
  • Return trip receipts or course reimbursement forms to the MMC box in the Student Activities office.
  • For questions about a specific trip, contact the guide who is leading!

MMC Board

Caroline Colan (
Sophie Leiter (
Head Guide: 
Parker Peltzer (
Joe Lovelace (
Adventure Grants Coordinator: 
Nina Sonneborn (
Boating Coordinator: 
Joe Lovelace (
Adventure Cycling Coordinator:
Parker Peltzer (
Climbing Coordinator:
Sofia Maluf (
Canoeing Coordinator:
Kent Ratliff (
Cabins and Trails Coordinator:
Dorothy Punderson (
Social Chair: 
Haley Tetreault (
Outreach Chair:
Sarah Koch (
Advertising Chair:
Michael O'Hara (
Games Mistress:
Emily Kelly (
Polar Bear Papa:

Website Troll:
Nina Sonneborn (
Poet Laureates:
Jenny Moffett (
Abby Chick (
Parker Peltzer (
Joe Lovelace (

Faculty Advisor and soothsayer: 
Doug Connelly (