Classes and workshops

Guide Training
Learn how to lead backpacking trips in an overnight seminar. Everything from how to use a camp stove, set up the tents, leave no trace, to where to pick up van keys and get MMC to pay for food. Offered each semester (see calendar).

Specialty guide training is offered for kayaking, canoeing, rock and ice climbing, and winter camping. These classes typically are offered for those who have already taken a hiking guide seminar.

Wilderness First Aid
Middlebury Outdoor Programs hosts Wilderness First Aid (WFA) classes each semester. OINK leaders (for first-year outdoor orientation) can get WFA certified for free as part of the training.

Class Reimbursement
MMC will reimburse guides for WFR, SPI and other outdoor courses and exams. Guides must lead at least 4 MMC trips to qualify. Details.

Workshops include kayak rolling in the pool, how to build rope anchors, and more.

Getting a college van license
In order to become a MMC guide you must have a college van license. To get a 7-passenger license requires attending a 2 hour long class. A 15-passenger van license requires the driver have at least 3 years of driving experience, and an additional hour-long drive in the van to make sure you are comfortable driving it. Email or call ext. 5726 to sign up for the next course, the schedule for which is in our calendar.