Tuesday, January 31

Check Off Your Bucket List!

Go on an MMC hike before you graduate!
Weekly Board Meeting
Wednesdays at 6:00PM. Coltrane Lounge. All are welcome! Feel free to bring dinner and a friend.
Come on by the Gear Room in FIC Tuesday and Thursday 4:30 - 7:00 to borrow gear for free. Backpacks, sleeping bags, hiking boots, snowshoes, stoves, tents, puffy jackets, and more!  
Want MMC to fund an independent adventure? For questions, details, and grant application visit our website and click on theAdventure Grants tab! 
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Retirement Sunrise with Jake & Krista
Wednesday, February 1st

Are you a super senior feb who wants to enjoy one last mountain sunrise? Are you a super senior feb who always hated sunrise but wants to give it a second chance? Are you a non- super senior feb who just wants to enjoy the company of soon-to-be-retirees? Join us for a snowy hike up the Snow Bowl on Wednesday morning! We'll leave ADK at 5:45am, hike ~1 hour on the Long Trail to the top of the Snow Bowl, and enjoy treats and hot drinks as the sun rises. We'll be back to campus by 8:45am. This is a beginner-friendly hike! Sign up here.

Winter Sunrise with Alex and Dorothy
Thursday, February 2nd

Celebrate the last week of Jterm with a sunrise hike up Mt. Abe! On Thursday morning we will leave from ADK at 5 a.m., catch the sunrise around 7 and be back on campus by 10:30. Sign up here.

Brooker Haus Fun
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Fortnightly Feature
Spotlight on nearby trails
We are excited to introduce our fourth Fortnightly Featured Trail! MMC loves these trails, and you will too.​ We choose accessible day hikes that you can hike on your own time. 
Burgin Lodge
When we woke up the sky was just beginning to lighten above the Snow Bowl. The woods were quiet except for a few small streams carrying the recent snowmelt, and we saw no one on the walk down except for a few Rikert employees. When we got back to campus, I was exhausted but my clothes smelled like wood smoke and fresh pine and I already couldn’t wait for the next time I go to the Burgin Lodge.
The Burgin Lodge opened just a few weeks ago on one of the trails at Rikert Nordic Center. Built in honor of Ian Burgin (’08), this backcountry cabin is close to Middlebury and accessible without a car. Don’t be deceived by the word backcountry, though, because staying at the Burgin Lodge is really more like glamping. The cabin is beautifully constructed, insulated, and has a woodstove with plenty of wood. Though there is no electricity or running water, compared to most backcountry standards this is luxurious.
We stayed at the cabin last night in possibly the grossest weather yet this winter. We arrived just as it was getting dark and immediately started a fire with the convenient stack of kindling next to the stove. In no time chili was simmering on the stove and the cabin was warm and cozy.
If staying here is this fun in 50-degree, rainy weather with class the next day, I can only imagine what it’s like when there is plenty of snow—and time—to explore the area around the lodge. With such a good basecamp there are endless adventures here in all seasons.
If you go the Burgin Lodge, reserve the cabin on Ideal Logic. If you don’t have a car you can get to Rikert on the ACTR bus. Make sure to bring enough water, as there is no nearby source at the cabin, and leave yourself at least one hour of daylight to get to the cabin from the Rikert parking lot, especially if you are unfamiliar with the trails (the snowshoe trails at Rikert don’t always line up with the map, so your best bet is to follow the ski trails up to the cabin).

Winter hiking note: Make sure to bring plenty of warm clothes. Snowshoes, cross country skis, and warm jackets can all be rented from the Gear Room for free.
Happy hiking!
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