Monday, April 20

Four Trips this Week

Weekly Meeting

Wednesday, at 6:00, in Coltrane Lounge.
What do you need for your adventure? Stop by the Gear Room in FIC Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:30 to 7:00 for sleeping bags, stoves, tents, and more!
Come on down to the newest structured hangout on campus! Everyone is welcome to come talk trips with current guides and suggest rad trips to go out. Thursday at 9:00 in Brooker.
Want MMC to fund an independent adventure? For questions, details, and grant application visit our website and click on the Adventure Grants tab! 
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An American Ascent

On April 22nd at 7 PM in Dana Auditorium, MMC with the wonderful sponsorship of organizations like Women of Color, The Fireside, and Brooker, will be bringing the film An American Ascent to campus!  The film chronicles the action filled journey of the first fully African American expedition team up to Mt. Denali, the tallest peak in North America. The film also brings together the history of American mountaineering with the Civil Rights Movement and access to the outdoors for all. It is a film you will not want to miss. Also, watch around campus for posters detailing related events this week.
Here is the trailer if you want to check it out!

Spruce Lake Beginner Adventure with Andrew and Sophie
 Have you ever wanted to go on a Mountain Club Overnight but been too intimidated by the worn in boots and highly stickered nalgenes? This Saturday-Sunday trip is for you. We'll be going out to the gorgeous Adirondack Lakes and making a short, mellow route to some beautiful views and rustic lean-to structures. Enjoy and learn how to cook gourmet backpacking delicacies. Appreciate some nature with new friends. Experience completely unnecessary. If you don't know anything about backpacking we want to teach you, if you do we want to learn from you. Sign up here.

Put Down Gravel to Lift Your Spirits:
Trail Maintenance with Anahi, Joe and Julie

We will be meeting at ADK Circle at 8:30 am on Saturday the 25th to take a short drive over to the Wright Park section of the TAM to work until roughly noon! We should be back on campus before 1 pm. There will be snacks and hot chocolate and much more fun to be had! Wright Park is a beautiful place and what better way to enjoy it than with some manual labor. Sign up here.

Snake Mountain Sunrise
with Andrew, Caroline and Andrew

Start the day off right this Thursday morning with a sunrise hike up Snake Mountain!! We'll leave from ADK at 4:45 am, get up snake mountain in time for a 6:00 sunrise, and be back on campus before 8am! Sign up here.

Snake Mountain Afternoon Hike
With Andrew and Michael

Do you want to take advantage of the great weather and the fact that spring has finally arrived without getting up at 4 in the morning? This trip is for you! We will wait until the sun is up and the air is warm and take a nice hike to scenic Snake Mountain. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of the beautiful Vermont natural world and get a little off campus! Sign up here.
Do you love going on trips? Do you admire your awesome MMC guides? We're always looking for new MMC guides. Become one yourself by following these 5 easy steps! Email your head guide, Kent, at with any questions.