Tuesday, February 17

Pretty Faces: The Story of a Skier Girl 4:45 TONIGHT


Tonight at 4:45 PM, "Pretty Faces: The Story of a Skier Girl" will be screened in the Hillcrest Orchard by our Director of Sustainability, Jack Byrne. All are welcome to join - the film is only an hour long.

Pretty Faces, produced by professional extreme skier Lynsey Dyer, is a film about about women and girls and skiing. Nominated by Powder Magazine for Best Film of the Year and Best Editing the film is loads of fun and shows skiing from a female perspective. Here's what the award-winning film's editor says about it:

"We wanted to show struggles, but not complain. We wanted to question the industry, but still rise above it. We wanted to show that we are just as capable as males, but not put them down. We wanted to share as many stories as possible, but still maintain order and congruency. We wanted to tell a story that people wouldn't be able to take their eyes off of and walk away wanting to conquer the world."

In addition an awesome message, this film packs plenty of footage of stunningly awesome skiing and other exploits in beautiful terrain around the world.

See y'all there!
The mgmt.