Tuesday, February 17

Brace Yourselves, Spring is Coming


Weekly Meeting

Wednesday, at 6:00, in Coltrane Lounge. Come join the most poppin' group on campus to discuss spring plans for trips and events. Please invite your new Feb friends along!
Stop by the Gear Room in FIC Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:30 to 7:00 for sleeping bags, stoves, tents, and more! Sorry, we cannot check out skis or snowshoes until after FOO. If you have either of those out, return them or face double fines. 
Want MMC to fund an independent adventure? For questions, details, and grant application email Krista Karlson at kkarlson@middlebury.edu or visit our website and click on the Adventure Grants tab! 
Know a loved one or friend who isn't getting our emails (especially new Febs)? Friends don't let friends miss out on MMC events. Email mmc@middlebury.edu to subscribe!
Northern Lights is Upon Us!!!
Winter Carnival brings with it Northern Lights, the MMC's highly competitive winter bonanza. Start finding 3-7 teammates for ice dancing, human dogsledding, sled racing, and many more shenanigans! Please register your team here. Don't forget costumes!
Middview is an fantastic opportunity to: get on campus early, meet awesome freshman, and become a guide for the MMC the quick and easy way! Sign up at go/lead and join this fun team! 
Meet the New MMC Leadership
As it is now the spring term, we have some new leadership! Here's the new crew:
President: Joe Lovelace
CoPresident: Parker Peltzer
Treasurer: Andrew Smith
Head Guide: Kent Ratliff
Adventure Grants: Krista Karlson
Outreach Chair: Anahi Naranjo
Cabins and Trails: Sophie Leiter
Social Chair: Kristina Ohl
Advertising: Cole Ellison
Website Troll: Caroline Colan
Boating Coordinator: Joe Lovelace
Biking Coordinator: Jake Faber
Games Misstressss: Malkie Wall
Polar Bear Parents: Too Many To Count 

Sunrise Hike with Parker and Kent
Come catch a sunrise on top of Vermont's oldest state park before your classes this Thursday the 12th! We'll be leaving from Adirondack Circle at 5:30 AM to catch sunrise at the top. We should come back to campus by 8:30 AM so still time for breakfast before your 9:30 AM classes! Sign up HERE
They are FINALLY HERE!! We are super stoked! Also, don't worry that January is already over, just look at it as "eleven more awesome months!" They will be for sale for 19,525.00 Mongolian Tugriks (or $10 if you can't find the currency exchange booth in the FIC) at the weekly meeting and in front of a dining hall near you soon! 
Do you love going on trips? Do you admire your awesome MMC guides? We're always looking for new MMC guides. Become one yourself by following these 5 easy steps! Email your head guide, Kent, at kratliff@middlebury.edu with any questions.