Wednesday, October 22


Apply to Live in Brooker House
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Apply to live in Brooker House, Middlebury's outdoor interest house, for January and the Spring!
Housing Application for J-Term and Spring 2015
Please answer the questions below and send your responses to with "APPLICATION" in the subject line.
Application Questions:
1) What's your full name? (/what do we actually call you if it's something different)
2) What year are you at Midd? (when do you think you'll get around to graduating?)
3) What kind of outdoor stuff do you like to do? (Mountain Club or anything else that you do)
4) Why do you want to live in Brooker? (there are lots of reasons, we know, but what's yours?)
5) Just J term, just Spring, or both? 
6) Have a buddy who's also applying to live in Brooker? If there's someone you'd be cool with living in a double with, let us know.
Applications are due before midnight on Saturday, November 1st. You will be informed whether or not you have been accepted on Monday, November 3rd.
Looking forward to seeing all of you around the fireplace in the future!
Also, if you have any questions about the application process, feel free to shoot an email.