Wednesday, October 15

Additional Trip Sign Ups

What do you need for your adventure? Stop by the Gear Room in FIC Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:30 to 7:00 for sleeping bags, stoves, tents, and more!
Want MMC to fund an independent adventure? For questions, details, and grant application visit our website and click on the Adventure Grants tab! 
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Sup Coltrane Lounge?! Interested in getting more involved with the Mountain Club?  Learn about what we're doing and contribute to planning some of our next events and trips! Bring ideas, friends, and your dinner and meet the rest of the MMC crew on Wednesday at 6pm in Coltrane Lounge! All are welcome, even if you've never been to a meeting!
Outdoor Explorers
Do you love being outside? Love spending time with kids? Have some free time on Wednesday afternoons? You should consider Outdoor Explorers! Outdoor Explorers is an after school club run by MMC at Bridport Elementary School. We eat snacks, play outdoor games and teach young kids about the outdoors. It's loads of fun and if you're interested in joining us this Wednesday, contact Krista ( We'll meet at ADK at 2 pm on Wednesday and be back by 4. There are only 4 spots, so it's first-come-first-served. If you don't make it into this week's group, there will be 5 more weeks!
Climb Like a Girl
Mondays 7pm & Fridays 4pm
Are you a chick who would love to get more in to climbing, but feel intimidated by the allll the bulging muscles of the *shirtless male climbers that seem to frequent the gym? Or, maybe, you know those muscles are mostly show, but would still love to spend some quality girl climbing time?
Regardless of the motives, I think we can all agree that there is no reason not to hang out with a bunch of rad girls at the climbing wall! Which is why we're starting a brand new [unofficial] club—The Chicks Climbing Community (CCC). And by club we mean that we don't take anything too seriously, but we do want to create enough structure to facilitate building a vibrant, confident girls climbing community at Middlebury. 
Soooo… all you gals should come by the Middlebury Climbing Wall Mondays at 7pm and/or Fridays at 4pm for our casual CCC meetings (every week, starting after fall break). There's no obligation to come, contribute, have any experience, bring anything, and there's definitely no obnoxious email list. Activities to include, basic climbing instruction, top-roping/belay instruction, fun games, group work outs, girly gossip, and climbing! 
Can't wait to see you all there! 
* We have absolutely zero problem with *shirtless male climbers, and this club has zero intention of trying to exclude any of them from the gym. We just wanna get a bunch of rad girls together to climb. 
Email mgans@middlebury for questions. 
Kayaking Pool Session!
Thursday, October 9, 7:00pm
Learn and practice kayak rescue skills and rolling in the warmth and comfort of the Middlebury Pool. A weekly program allowing you to refine your personal skills! Bring a swimsuit- no other equipment needed. Email to sign up!
Pumpkin Carving! 
Thursday, October 16th, 4-6pm at Brooker
Are you craving a bit of the fall spirit right at your backdoor? Well we are.. so join us as we carve pumpkins for the Helen Porter Hospital Annual Pumpkin Lighting event. Bring a little joy to the residents at Porter as well as yourself (carving pumpkins is a blast) and head on down to Brooker to escape from the craziness and relax while carving and eating classic fall snacks!
Camel's Hump Overnight with Lucy and Hye-Jin! 
October 17th - 18th
Don't miss the last chance to scope out some fall foliage on the top of one of Vermont's most famous peaks! We'll leave ADK circle at 1 PM on Friday and hike a couple miles to where we'll stay the night. Getting up a wee bit early the next morning, we'll summit Camel's Hump in time to soak up the sunrise. Expect to be back on campus for dinner on Saturday. Total trip is approx. 5.5 miles, but get stoked for some elevation (a little under 3000 ft). YAY!!! Come play in the mountains with us! Sign up here!
Long Trail Hiking with Eli and Erin!
October 18th - 19th
Join us for a fun walk and spectacular views in the green mountains during peak leaf season! We will be leaving at 8 am on Saturday, October 18th and hiking from the Appalachian Gap south on the Long Trail.  We will drop our packs at Theron Dean lodge and continue south to summit General Stark Mountain and Mt. Ellen.  Then we will head back to Theron Dean to spend the night.  We should be back to Midd for lunch on Sunday! Sign up here!
Do you love going on trips? Do you admire your awesome MMC guides? We're always looking for new MMC guides. Become one yourself by following these 5 easy steps! Email your head guide, Kent, at with any questions.