Saturday, January 4

FOO! Leaders and Fireside!

FOO! Leader Applications due December 6th at 5pm!
Remember that precious all student email sent out before Thanksgiving Break?? Go find it! From "FOO Coordinator"  Attached is the FOO! 2014 Leader Application!  Leading FOO! (February Outdoor Orientation) is a create way to learn the ropes of winter camping in Vermont and New York, meet other outdoor leader enthusiasts, get involved with Mountain Club, and meet new Febs!  All experience levels considered, you don't need to have bagged Everest! 

Fireside with SKIGA, Middlebury's Cross-Country Skiing Club! TOMORROW (Friday) at 7pm!
Come by Brooker House for the last fireside of the fall semester for a jointly cooked meal by members of MMC, Brooker House, and SKIGA! The fire will be roarin, music will be playin, and good times will be had by all.  MMC Firesides are a great way to meet the MMC crew as well as the Brooker residents, and this week--the SKIGA crew!