Monday, November 26

[mmc-l] Trips and Rolling and WINTER!


Hey gang!  Welcome back to your winter wonder land!  Here's what we've got going on this week!

But first a note on trips: MMC has successfully sent out a trip of some sort every weekend this semester whether it be climbing, backpacking, paddling, or day hiking--a goal we strive for every semester and are thrilled to have accomplished so far.  While our guides have had a blast leading the student body off campus and into the woods, rivers, and cliffs of our backyard, a number of trips were forced to cancel due to last-minute participant drop outs.  Our guides put valuable time into planning weekend trips and we want to encourage sign-ups to commit to trips from the get-go, or at least give us a few days to find new participants if you need to drop.  We love what we do, and we want to share it with you, so we hope to keep all our schedule trips alive with your help--thanks!

And now for the events:

Weekly meeting: 6pm LaForce 121 Wednesday!  All board members must be present to discuss their current positions--it's almost election time!!!

Speaking of which, BOARD ELECTIONS!  NEXT WED. MEETING (Dec 5).

If you're looking to become more involved with MMC, joining the board is a perfect opportunity!  Below is a description of all current board positions--but that doesn't mean we can't create new ones (Games Mistress....Question name it).  No matter your year or current involvement, we're always looking for new blood!

Kayak Rolling: Pool Sessions with Nathan and Abra, Thursdays 7:00-8:15

Free sessions and no equipment needed, just a bathing suit.  Look out for our J-term rolling workshop (not actually on the official list, but sold through the box office). Email with any questions.

Work for Forest Lake Camp in our very own Adirondacks (ok, well they're actually not ours...)

Do you love working with children in the outdoors? If so, consider a summer leading trips in the Adirondack Mountains, working as a cabin counselor, and being part of a great community. Forest Lake Camp is a traditional overnight summer camp for boys and girls, located on 823 acres in the southern Adirondack Park. FLC is looking for competent, energetic counselors who have experience working with children and want to be part of a growing and maturing outdoor program. If you are interested, please email or call 518-623-4771

Stay tuned for MMC Calendars!

Look out for MMC members selling our annual calendars...prices TBA--but can you really put a price on those pictures...?

 Go play in the snow!





A. President: The President shall preside at all Skyline meetings. The president shall be the official spokesperson of the MMC. It is also the responsibility of the President to attend the activities fair, assist other Skyline members in goal setting for the semester, act as a link between the Skyline and the MMC advisor, maintain the MMC constitution, and assist with scheduling. In order to be the President, candidates must have been part of the Skyline for at least two semesters prior to running.


B.  Head Guide: The Head Guide shall preside at meetings in the absence of the President and assist in overseeing all aspects of MMC tripping. MMC tripping responsibilities include scheduling and presiding at guide meetings, ensuring that guide seminars are going out, maintaining MMC van key lists in security, updating the MMC guide handbook, and debriefing trips after they return to campus. The Head Guide should also work with other officers, such as cabins and trails, in a Guide Weekend to take place early in the semester. In order to be the Head Guide, candidates must have outdoor experience and be a MMC guide. The Head Guide may appoint an assistant guide program training manager if they deem it necessary.


C. Treasurer:  The treasurer shall be responsible for the MMC budget.  Each spring, the treasurer will create and request an itemized budget from the finance committee, to be used the following academic year.  It is also the responsibility of the treasurer to request additional money as needed, should the MMC spend more than our budget allows.  All receipts for MMC accounts and reimbursements will go to the treasurer, to be filed with CCAL, and accounted for in the treasurer's records.  The MMC board and members will consult with the treasurer concerning any monetary issues.


D. Climbing Coordinator. The Climbing Coordinator shall be responsible for

working with the Head Guide  and MMC advisor to encourage climbing guide training, facilitate climbing guide seminars with an SPI instructor, assist the Head Guide in maintaining the climbing section of the guide handbook, and buy new climbing gear as needed.


             E. Outreach Coordinator. The Outreach Coordinator shall maintain current

outreach programs established in the community (e.g. with local schools, with campus organizations). They may also pursue new programs based on their interest and an interest within the community.


F. Cabins and Trails Coordinator: Cabins and Trails Coordinator shall maintain and manage Worth Mountain Lodge which includes acting as the liaison between the MMC and the Snow Bowl Manager, coordinating reservations and conducting periodic checks of the cabin. Additional responsibilities include maintaining Cooley Glen Shelter and the Colin O'Neill '97 Trail, promoting trails projects throughout the year, and helping in a Guide Weekend in the beginning of each semester. This person should have experience with or great interest in trail maintenance work. This person should work with public safety to make sure there is an organized system for checking out the key to the cabin.


G.  Polar Bear Coordinator: Polar Bear Coordinator shall be responsible for the logistical requirements of Polar Bears i.e., reserving vans, finding drivers, obtaining funding, and organizing schedules and larger Polar Bear events. The Coordinator must maintain the Polar Bear binder, updating contents such as swimming hole maps and guidelines.


H. Social Coordinator: The Social Coordinator shall be responsible for

overseeing the organization of all traditional MMC social events (e.g. the Fall Pumpkin Tumble and Spring Flaming Flamingo) as well as incorporating local music (bluegrass, contra) into such events. In addition the Social Coordinator shall develop new projects as they see fit as well as develop relationships with the Commons or other co-sponsor groups. They are also in charge of any parties the MMC may want to sponsor at Brooker.


I. Communications Chair. The Communications Chair primary responsibility is to facilitate the communication of all MMC events and meetings to the community. They shall be responsible for maintaining the MMC website and email distribution lists.


J. Adverstising Chair. This person shall also be responsible for the MMC board in the mailroom as well as advertising all MMC sponsored events such as presentations, social events, outreach activities, and trips. They are responsible for collating/coordinating a calendar with all the MMC events and activities. At the beginning of the Fall and Spring Semester after the guide meeting, this person will work with the head guide in publishing a trips brochure that will highlight MMC trips for that semester and will be distributed to the community.