Monday, October 22

[mmc-l] Want to live in Brooker House??


Ever been to a Friday Fireside, MMC guide meeting, or simply hung-out in Brooker?  Think you might want to live there?  Well it's your lucky day because we're accepting applications for the Winter and Spring!!!!

For those who have yet and are about to be enlightened, Brooker is the Outdoor Interest House located next to Tavern at the beginning of the Ridgeline houses.  It is a 30 person house consisting of 5 doubles, and 20 singles.  The house is full of Mountain Club members and general outdoor enthusiasts and is open to the entire student body.  We love to make fires, cook dinners, and hang out in the most beautiful house on campus (as reviewed by random parent's who stopped by Pumpkin Tumble a few weekends ago).

Brooker is now accepting applications for Winter and Spring 2013. 

Please send all applications to BROOKER@MIDDLEBURY.EDU (NOT MMC) with the following information by next MONDAY OCTOBER 29, 2012.  Late applications won't be read.

1) Name

2) Year

3) Mountain Club involvement or other outdoor adventuring background on or off campus

4) If you have previously applied to live in Brooker

5) Why you want to live in Brooker and what you will bring to the house if accepted.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you already applied last year, you need to apply again!!

Thanks from MMC and Brooker House