Monday, October 8

[mmc-l] Mt. Marcy and Flannels from MMC!


Hey gang!  Here's some opportunities to get outside in the coming weeks!

Marcy Madness with Mara, Sean, and James 10/20-10/21

Hey Middlebury Mountaineers! Been itching for an epic outdoor adventure? Didn't get enough exploring done during Fall Break? Ready to get high on well... a lack of oxygen? Then come climb 5,344 ft. Mt. Marcy, the tallest peak in New York with us. Expedition will include 18 miles of radical round trip hiking, a cozy sleep-over at Slant Rock Shelter, and a spectacular summit.  Details: Leaving early Saturday Morning (the 20th), Returning Sunday afternoon (the 21st). Previous backpacking experience recommended; awesome attitude required. (Email James Thornton at if interested).

Want an MMC embroidered flannel????

Bring a flannel with $$$ in a bag to the MMC meeting this week 6pm LaForce 121 to give to Caroline to get embroidered.  Prices are as follows: Board members: 15$. Guides: 20$. Other: 25$.  If you can't make the meeting, there will be a drop box (only prior to the meeting, not afterwards) in the lobby of Brooker House for flannels and money.  Note: the embroidery is WHITE, so we suggest a dark flannel for maximum sweetness.

Get that 15-passenger van license! 9-11am Mitchell Green Lounge this TUESDAY

You need to have a college van license to become an MMC guide, so this is your opportunity! To get a 7-passenger van license, you need to attend one of the classroom sessions, taught by Ed Sullivan, the college's Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator. To get a 15-passenger van license (preferred), you need to have had your state license for 3+ years, attend a classroom session and then schedule a road test with Ed. Email him at to sign up for the class.  Look out for future emails with more classes or go/trainings to look them up yourself.

Happy Trails!