Monday, October 22

[mmc-l] Flannels, Dacks, Rolling and more!!


Come out to our weekly meeting on Wednesday at 6pm in LaForce 121 to pick up your shiny new embroidered flannels!  Thank you Caroline!

Guide Meeting! 7pm Brooker Basement this TUESDAY

Are you already a guide?  Are you in the process of becoming a guide? Is your life dream to become an MMC guide?  Then this is your spot! Come out arrange co-leads, find out about winter guiding, and get some sweet winter trips on the calendar for November and December!

Friday Day Hike with Jack and Tess! ADK 2pm: Abbey Pond

Join us for a stroll up to Abbey Pond--it's supposed to be 68 degrees and we're goin' swimmin!!! A moderate hike up a slope to a well deserved dip in an alpine pond is all you could ever want after a long week! We'll have some yummy snacks for the top and be back well in time for dinner.  Did I mention it would be warm?  MMC Calendar pics anyone?  Email to sign up!


Come out to the pool to learn the basics of paddling and learn to roll with our beautiful boating coordinators Nathan and Abra!  All sessions will be held on Thursdays starting November 1 from 7-8:15pm. All sessions are free and all equipment is provided--just wear a swim suit!

Backpacking with Tess and Annalise: November 3-4. High Peaks Adirondacks (specific location TBA)

Join us for a sweet backpacking adventure to the High Peaks region of the Adirondacks!! We'll leave early Saturday morning, hike on hike on hike, eat on eat on eat, sleep on sleep on sleep, hike on hike on hike, and aim to be back Sunday afternoon.  Specific peaks to be conquered TBA. Email to sign up.

Backpacking: Giant Mtn with Dave and Avery: November 3-4

Howdy! Hello! HIKING! Hooray! Dave and Avery will be taking out a backpacking trip November 3rd-4th to Giant Mountain in the Adirondacks! It should be an awesome, beautiful, and FUN overnight. We plan to be back around lunch time on Sunday. E-mail to sign up. Hope you can come!!!

Reel Rock Film Tour November 2nd!

The Reel Rock Film Tour features short films made by some of the world's best adventure filmmakers about the world's best climbers. The trailer ( speaks for itself but it features everything from mountaineering to sport climbing to free soloing. Tickets are $10 if you pre-register or $12 at the door. We'll leave from Adirondack Circle at 5:30 and get back around 9:30. Email Zach to sign up (

GET YOUR COLLEGE VAN LICENSE (never gets old right?)
You need to have a college van license to become an MMC guide, so this is your opportunity! To get a 7-passenger van license, you need to attend one of the classroom sessions below, taught by Ed Sullivan, the college's Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator. To get a 15-passenger van license (preferred), you need to have had your state license for 3+ years, attend a classroom session and then schedule a road test with Ed. Email him at to sign up for a class.

Nov 7, 9:00-11:00am
Dec 7, 9:00-11:00am
All classes in Mitchell Green Lounge.

If you really want a van license (because guiding for the MMC is your dream), but you have class during all those times, email Emma at, and we'll try to schedule something that works better.

Submit MMC Calendar Photos!

Doesn't the beautiful Vermont fall just want to make you expose your skin to the wind and take a picture???  Submit photos to the annual MMC Calendar by November 1 to make it in this years best-ever-holiday-present! 

Email your documentation of tastefully, Novice Underrated Daring Escapes to

Telluride Mountain Film comes to Middlebury!!! Wednesday November 7.  Dana Auditorium.

Now the second time MMC hosts Telluride Mountain Film!!  Take a mid-week break to come out and see an epic collection of adventure flicks including your favorite adventure sport like slack-lining, shredding the gnar, climbing the cracks, spelunkin the ice caves, and more! 

Happy Trails!