Sunday, September 2

[mmc-l] Spartan Race!


HELLOOOOOO MOUNTAIN CLUB!! I bet you've been off adventuring ALL summer--but did anything you did beat this....??

Have you ever wanted to do a sweet as obstacle course-like the ones you always see in military movies-with mud on your face, trying not to look like a disgrace? This opporunity is closer at hand than you realize. Realize: the Spartan Beast. An intense 13 mile obstacle course that is meant to break you (it should take around 5 hours). The race is located at beautiful Kill-ington mountain on September 22nd, 2012. Read more at: This should be intense and awesome! There is a free party afterwards! Spartan Race is also giving us a killer deal-if we can get 10 people from Midd to sign up they will only charge the Mountain Club $50/ person, 25% of the full registration fee!

Let Chris Batson at know by September 13th to reserve your spot!


Happy Trails!!!