Thursday, August 2

[mmc-l] You mean forgot your life goal was to lead OINK???


Hey team!!  Shout outs to the globe, I'm sure y'all are spread all over this here big blue and green.  Greetings from the OINK headquarters up here at Midd!  We have been inundated with enthusiastic, adventure-bearing, eager and anxious applications from to-be OINKers, and it breaks our heart that we can't accept all of them.  We have 60 first years on our waitlist as of today, but with more OINK leaders we could shorten that list!  I know we set a deadline for leader applications--but honestly we want to make this program as strong and big as possible, so we are still accepting applications!  If you're summer plans have changed allowing you to be on campus for leader training Sept 3-8, or you simply forgot your ultimate life goal was to lead an OINK trip please email oink@midd ASAP.  Remember that OINK offers organic farming, community service, backpacking, day hiking, canoeing, and rock climbing trips--I'm sure one of those activities appeals to you!


As always....Happy Trails from the MMC

(and you're OINK coordinators Tess, Janet, and Maya)