Sunday, May 6

[mmc-l] final week of MMC events!


The year is winding down...and finals are winding up....but we have yet ONE MORE WEEK OF EVENTS!!!

We are still accepting OINK leader applications!

 We wish to invite you once again (or for the first time) to be an OINK leader!  We already have a wonderful bunch of leaders, but the more leaders we train, the more OINKers can live out their dreams of exploring the beautiful outdoors we have come to love up here.  No matter what your summer plans are at this moment, we hope you will place OINK at the top of your list and send in an application to as soon as you can (you can access the application at go/oinkleaderapp.  Just think of a time when you didn't fully appreciate a decision to skip out on the world, head into the mountains, and camp with your friends.

The much anticipated OUTDOOR GEAR SALE!!!!

Bet you need some gear for your summertime adventures eh?  Good think we're selling some of ours!! From 2-5 pm on Friday May 11th, outside FIC (we'll be out during can't miss us).  We'll be selling tents (NOT mega-midds!) in pretty darn good condition, sleeping bags, snowshoes, and snow tires (little spiky things you put on yo hikin' boots) all for well under whole-sale prices.  COME CHECK IT OUT!!! We'll be taking cash and credit.

Flaming Flamingo TAKE TWO

So yes the weather gods fooled us last week and we landed in the 5% chance that wouldn't violently thunderstorm...but we're gearing up to hold our spring celebration down at Lake Dunmore on Saturday May 12th at 2pm (vans leaving from ADK at 2pm).  Bring your slack lines, bring your soccer balls and Frisbees, and anything you want to throw on the grill (rabbits will definitely be making an appearance...)

Happy Trails Gang, it's been real