Sunday, April 22

[mmc-l] Spring has sprung for the MMC!


Weekly Meetings! 6pm LaForce 121 Wednesdays!

Come out to meet the crew, eat yummy mountain snacks, play some games, and oh yeah--plan spring events like Flaming Flamingo!!!!! Don't know what Flaming Flamingo is....well there's only one way to find out!

Friday Day-Hike with Emma and Jack! April 27

2.3mi to the summit of Mt. Moosalamoo and back. Leave at 2pm, return to campus by dinnertime. Email Jack ( to sign up!

'Dacks with Nathan, Kiana, and Hayden April 28-29

In the words of the infamous Nathan Kowalabear-walski...."If you're chill  and looking for a good time, come session some gnarly high peaks in the Adirondacks with Nathan, Hayden, and Kiana!  ChillBro status required."

Intro Canoeing with Peter and Elizabeth: April 28-29
It's spring!!! Winter, or what there was of winter, has hopefully released its icy grip on us... so let's go play in the water, camp by the water, drink water, think water, be water, and dip our paddles in the water. This may be the only canoe trip this spring, so take advantage of it!
Location TBD; lots of fun TGBHBA (Totally Gonna Be Had By All). email to sign up

Long Trail SWITCH-A-ROO! April 28-29

One group led by Clark and Liia will start at Midd Gap, while Cliff and Avery start at Lincoln Gap.  The two groups will pass each other with high fives (and van keys!) as they continue along Vermont's Long Trail.  Follow the white blazes along the Green Mountain Ridge with spectacular views the whole way! Email (Trip 1) or (Trip 2) to sign up!


Happy Trails!