Sunday, April 29

[mmc-l] Flaming Flamingo, OINK, and Gear Sale!


First of all, we want to thank all our guides and all our trip participants for making this spring semester one of the most successful semesters for the MMC in terms of trips and events.  If you wish to comment on any of the fantastic adventures you've had this spring or if you have any epic photos that just can't stay confined to facebook, please email mmc@midd--we'd love to hear your thoughts!

Weekly Meeting: 6pm LaForce 121 Wednesday

This week we'll be planning Flaming Flamingo, tabling outside Ross on Thursday, and holding elections for next year's board.  Even if you've never attended a MMC meeting before, it's never too late to meet the gang, enjoy co-op yummies and join the Mountain Club!

Flaming Flamingo: Friday May 4th, cars/vans leaving from ADK at 2pm

To celebrate the nearing end of spring classes, come join us for a BBQ, slack-line, frisbee, soccer extravaganza on the beautiful shore of Lake Dunmore at Branberry State Park.  And if you don't know why we call it Flaming Flamingo....just guess you'll have to come and find out what it's all about!

OINK Applications due May 5! Access the app at go/oinkleaderapp

There have been a lot of questions about OINK leader training, so here is a brief overview of the OINKtastic leader training:
Monday, Sept 3rd: Arrive back at Midd
Tuesday, Sept 4th and Wednesday, September 5th: WFA training
Thursday, Sept 6th: Skills training
Friday and Saturday, Sept 7-8: Leader overnights
Please note that if you already have WFA or WFR certification, you do not need to return for training until Wednesday, September 5th! It will be an awesome week camping outdoors (assuming Irene's cousin doesn't visit Vermont again). If you think you've got a conflict with the schedule or have a question email and we'll see if it is something we can work out. Applications are available at go/oinkleaderapp - looking forward to seeing yours!
Last van drivers-ed class of the year May 9th 12:30 pm Crest Room in McCullough
Squeeze in one more guide requirement before the year's out!  This is the last van drivers-ed class of the year, so don't miss this opportunity.  This class gets you a 7-passenger van license and will need to be supplemented by a van practical driving test to get the ULTIMATE GOAL a 15-passenger Middlebury College van license!!!
Gear Sale May 11th
You're about to head out on some epic summer adventures right? I thought so! And you need gear for said adventures...right? I thought so! Save your pennies by coming to the GEAR SALE where we will be selling used gear from the gear room for well under whole sale prices.  We'll be either inside or outside FIC, where the gear room is located (depending on the whether).  All proceed will go towards buying....MORE GEAR THAT YOU CAN RENT FOR FREE!!
Happy Trails!!!