Wednesday, March 14

[mmc-l] weekend day hikes and BBQ from MMC!


Friday Afternoon Hike Update: We're going to Abbey Pond!

3.8 miles round trip, a little bit of elevation gain, no experience necessary. We'll leave from ADK at 2pm and be back by dinnertime (go swimming at the top if you're bold!)
Email to sign up-- there are still spots open!

Friday afternoon BBQ at Brooker (replacing fireside!)
Come gather round Brooker patio at 4:30pm for the first BBQ of the season with master BBQers Rita Croce and Hannah Dietrich!  Plenty of food for everyone!
Saturday Day Hike to Mt. Ellen with Emma and Tess
Come hit the trail in this beautiful weather via the Jerusalem trail (south of app gap) for an  8.4mi round trip, 2580' elevation gain, (5-6 hour hike) this Saturday.  Email to sign up!
Happy Trails