Monday, January 23

[mmc-l] Whats up for Get Outside Week?


Hey MMC!

Get Outside Week is off to a great start, with five full Mega Midds of competitors sleeping out on the beach last night!  Today there will be an Iron Chef competition at 4pm and a Talent Show at 6pm, both happening on Battell Beach.  In light of these events we will NOT be meeting tonight, but I hope to see you guys out on the beach to watch the performances!  Also, I'm sure you've seen the fantastic posters up around campus but just in's whats on the docket for this week


EVEREST Lecture & Slideshow
by Ed Webster
Thursday (Jan. 26) at 8 pm
Bi-Hall 220
Ed Webster, a photographer, writer, and climber, will be giving a talk on his Everest adventures, centrally the establishment of a new route up the East/Kangshung face in a team of four, without Sherpas, radios, or bottled oxygen. He will also talk a bit about his background as a climber, with first ascents in the west and on the cliffs of New England. Ed has some amazing photography, so check it out!
Happy trails!