Thursday, September 29

[mmc-l] FALL TRIP SCHEDULE (+Polar Bearing Tonight!)


Tonight! (Thursday)
9 pm, ADK Circle
Look for the MMC van!  

GUIDES: Send blurbs about your trips to Carey (and Kari)! Also, sign up to lead more trips! Any guides want to lead a fall break trip? 

GRADUATES: If you would like off this list, please let us know and provide us with your Middlebury email. Please be patient with us-- we have no way of knowing who has graduated and are doing our best to modify the list. 

GEAR ROOM: Gear Hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7-10pm in the FIC. Borrow gear for FREE. 

Friday, October 14th.
Add it to your calendars! Bring your parents! Look for more details in upcoming emails...

Here is a preliminary list of trips that will be going out this fall (listed chronologically). We'll be adding trips all the time, so continue to stay tuned to the weekly MMC emails. If you're interested in a certain type of trip that we're not already offering, email and let us know your interest! To sign up for a trip, email the leaders. No experience necessary, unless otherwise noted. More details to come about trips, but in the meantime, email leaders or mmc with questions. Feel free to start signing up NOW! (To see the trips on a calendar, follow this link:

HIKE October 7-8
Led by Anna and Anna. It will be awesome. For more info, contact astevens@midd.

CLIMB October 8-9
Led by Zach and Eric. Climb crags, play with ropes. For more info, contact zperzan@midd.

FLY-FISHING October 8th
(Tentative date.) Led by Mike Dickerson. For more info, contact mdickers@midd.

HIKE October 29-30
Led by Lisa, Mackenzie, and Caroline. For more info, contact csantinelli@midd. 

HIKE October 29-30
Led by Cliff and Casey. For more info, contact cbuenodemesquita@midd.

HIKE November 5-6
Led by Casey and Jenny. For more info, contact jmarks@midd.

HIKE November 5-6
Led by Kari, Otto, and Lea. For more info contact knielsen@midd.

GUIDE SEMINAR November 12-13
Become an MMC guide! Led by Kari. For more info contact knielsen@midd.