Wednesday, February 16



Hello fellow outdoor enthusiasts!

The time has come to fill Brooker House for the next school year. If you are interested in living in Brooker next fall, winter, and/or spring, please respond to the following questions to<> by the 20th of February!

Semesters you would be interested in:
Why do you want to live in Brooker?
How will you contribute to the house community?
Preference for single or double and please list a roommate (if you are willing to live in a double one or both semesters if we can't provide a single):

We caution if you're considering applying with a romantic partner as you will be responsible for finding new housing if problems arise.

Please take note, housing will be filled with regards to seniority and involvement in the outdoor community both in Brooker and on campus.

Thanks so much for your interest,

Your Brooker Presidents!