Wednesday, November 3

Rock-Climbing, FOO Coordinators, HMI Presentation

Rock Climbing Trip to the Adirondacks

Sunday, November 7

Join us to enjoy what may be the last climbing trip of the season. We will be climbing at a sunny Adirondack cliff in near-freezing temperatures. Hand-warmers provided. BYO thermos. We will check out gear on Thursday (at gear hours), so don't hesitate. The cold can't keep us down!

Contact: Erik Brooks or Syd Smith

FOO Coordinators wanted!

Interested in helping incoming Febs transition to life at Midd, and introducing them to the wonders of Vermont and the Adirondacks in winter? Go to the student employment website and apply to be one of the 2011 FOO Coordinators. The job is listed under the Center for Campus Activities and Leadership, and is officially listed as "Outdoor Orientation Trips Coordinator". 


Thursday, November 4th 
4:30 PM; MBH 104
Come learn about being an apprentice at the High Mountain Institute semester program in Colorado! Apprentices will participate in the wilderness, academic, and residential components of the HMI semester. Graduates of this program will be well prepared for employment in: outdoor or experiential education, boarding and traditional high schools, adventure recreation, and residential programs. Graduate credit is offered. 
For more information check out the website:

And now, a haiku:
I am sitting here
Almost time for songs and poems
Ah, that will be bliss.