Thursday, November 11

Free Heelers Movie, MMC Contra Dance, Made Possible VOTE!

Guess what??? The Middlebury Mountain Club has the opportunity to win $10,000 from Polartec! How did this wonderful opportunity come about? The Polartec Made Possible Challenge. Polartec invited outdoor clubs from colleges/universities to submit a video outlining a project they would like to complete with the 10,000 dollars. Four finalists, including the MMC, were selected. The MMC proposal is to create a comprehensive guidebook that all incoming freshman would be given, written specifically for Middlebury students. 
The final winner is chosen by VOTE, which means it's important that YOU vote today... and every day until November 30th, which is when the "polls close." You are allowed one vote per day. Vote through the Polartec facebook page:!/Polartec?v=app_157655447608883
Watch the video and then VOTE. GO MMC!

Friday the 12th at 7 PM
Hillcrest-- FREE! 
We will be screening the Black Diamond ski movie "TeleVision" this film follows the world's top telemarkers ripping it up in the finest backcountry skiing locations. Deep powder in the Wasatch, first descents Alaska's Revelation Mountains and huge steep lines in Haines and the Chugach will be followed by a group snow prayer. Bring your friends, bring your parents, bring your pets and bring your professors because its gonna be sicktacular:
Spend 2 minutes on collegiate link joining our club... as a member you get free skis and free lessons over J-term...not such a bad deal:
Who are the Free Heelers? check out our new blog (we are so hip!)

Friday the 12th; 8-11 PM
MCC Social Space
GET YOUR FOLK ON at the MMC Contra Dance! We've got Rebecca Lay calling, Pete Sutherland on fiddle, and Karen Sutherland on piano. This is sure to be a great dance. Beginners are encouraged to come and experience this fast-growing folk phenomenon.
Contra-dancing is an American folk dance related to square dancing but much more fun and and at least three times as cool.  It's very easy to learn as well: there's no complicated footwork and there's always someone calling out the moves. And the music is really catchy too. As it says at, "Contra dance is a form of dance that thrusts a different person of the opposite sex into your arms every 30 seconds or so."
Better yet, it's TOTALLY FREE!
Kindest Regards,
Sam Colton, Contra Papa

Elections for the remainder of the board positions will be on November 17th at 6 pm in Adirondack Attic. If you would like to run for a board position, please email Marty Schnure ( a statement byFriday the 12th at 5pm. If you are unable to make it to the meeting on the 17th, but would still like to vote, please email Marty and she will get you anabsentee ballot

Board Positions: 
-Boating Coordinator
-Climbing Coordinator
-Social Chair
-Presentations Coordinator
-Communications (email) 
-Advertising Coordinator 
-Cabins and trails
-Website Manager
-Contrapapa or mama
-Polar bear papa or mama

And now, a haiku...

Another weekend!
Hmm, I need Saturday plans
Any suggestions?