Thursday, October 21

NOLS, Pumpkin Tumble, Fireside, FOO! Coordinators

Come to MBH 220 at 12:30 to hear about opportunities with the National Outdoor Leadership School- the leader in wilderness education.

Come one, come all to an impromptu Mountain Man (or woman) competition re-creation event and awards ceremony tomorrow at Brooker, 4:30-5:45pm. That's right, the film makers that are in charge of presenting our school to prospective students are in town again and they want to capture the Mountain Club magic they missed during the first part of Pumpkin Tumble. That means lumberjack competitions and fire building.

So! Don your flannel, grab a good saw* and meet us on the back patio of Brooker tomorrow afternoon. Bring your game face, and get ready to cheer. In honor of the real Pumpkin Tumble, and it's glory, the gift certificates from last time will be presented to the original winning teams.

Onward, and into the minds of once and future prospies!

*Saws will be provided.

Fireside at Brooker: 7 pm
Come for baked deserts, local beverages, live music, warmth and merriment!

With winter just around the corner, it's time to begin thinking about welcoming the next class of Febs! The FOO! program is seeking 2 co-coordinators to run FOO! 2011. The ideal candidate will have significant outdoor leadership experience (especially in the winter!), meticulous organization and attention to detail, and a real passion for helping ease the transition from home to college for the new Febs. Review of applications will begin immediately, and the positions will be filled quickly. If Interested, please contact Derek Doucet (<>) for details.

SATURDAY (23rd) CLIMBING TRIP- No experience necessary. Contact Holly O'Donnell (<>)

SUNDAY (24th) CLIMBING TRIP- No experience necessary. We want beginners! Contact Derek Doucet (<>)

SATURDAY & SUNDAY (23rd/24th) KAYAKING CLASS- Lisa Luna, boating guide extraoordinar, is looking for people with some basic experience in whitewater kayaking to be her students this weekend. You should be comfortable in class II whitewater. Please email her if you are unsure of your qualifications. (<>)