Thursday, October 7

Friday Pumpkin Tumble, Woodland Competition, and more Weekend Galore!

Friday, 4-7 pm, Brooker
Pumpkin Tumble Woodsmen and Woodswomen Competition!
Come join in or be a spectator. Activities will include:
- pumpkin bocci
- fire-building
- apple-bobbing
- wood-cutting
FOOD: hot apple cider, pies, cider donuts, venison
MUSIC: DJ and a band!

Come to a K egger for the Climate
Co-hosted with SNG and the Mountain Club this Saturday from 9pm to 1am in Brooker. Show up to dance your face off at the Race to Replace Dorm Storm afterparty with the intrepid DJ Jizzy Jamster. Nothing like basking in the glory of activism and flannel on the eve of 10.10.10,'s Global Work Party. If you're really stoked, come out and join us for the Dorm Storm itself, meeting at Proctor Terrace Saturday morning at 9:30am. We'll knock on some dorm room doors and register our fellow Middleburians to vote!

Whitewater Kayaking Trip this Saturday!  
If you've come to any of our pool sessions, you're eligible to come on the first MMC whitewater kayaking trip ever this Saturday!   We have a few spaces left.  Contact Christian at cwoodard@midd to sign up. 

10-10-10 Global Day of Hand-on Work! Come help out a local trail project this Sunday!
Parents Welcome! You are welcome! We will be working near Bristol, VT on the Long Trail. 
A local cook and hiker will be providing us with some yummy nutrition as we help out the Green Mountain National Forest and a local boy scout troop
Email me, to sign up! It is a family friendly hike and work day!

Mark Your Calendars!

FALL BREAK: Hike the whites!
Miles To Go Before I Sleep, Fall Break Hike the Whites, By Elizabeth and Renee, Email rigo@midd to sign up

OCTOBER 24th: Climbing trip for beginners!
Email derek doucet to sign up

OCTOBER 30-31: ACA Canoe Guide Seminar
Interested in becoming an MMC Canoe Guide?  Now is the time!  As part of the course, you will have the opportunity to  get American Canoe Association certified in flatwater canoeing.  After the seminar, you'll be able to lead canoe trips for the MMC.  Proficiency in flatwater canoeing required.  Contact Lisa at lluna@midd with questions and to sign up!