Thursday, September 16

Rock Training Correction, and Nor'easter Tickets still available!

Rock Climbing Training Correction:
This weekend training is not an actual SPI course. It is for people interested in becoming rock climbing instructors who still need to meet the prerequisites for an actual SPI course. It will involve learning the skills required for taking an SPI course in the future. 

10 FREE Nor'easter Tickets available!
The festival is at Loon Mountain in Lincoln, NH from September 24th to the 26th. It will be three days of glorious sports, music, and conservation! And.... We still have tickets available! Email back quickly while supplies last! (like a good 'ol fashioned apple bob!)

Middlebury Mountain Club
Middlebury's largest and oldest student organization
gear hours: 7 - 10 PM, every Tuesday and Thursday in FIC Basement