Tuesday, September 21

To all of you who signed up at the activities fair, we're glad you did! Sorry it took so long to get all of you added to our email list. They're are a lot of you which we are super excited about. So please come meet us on Wednesday night at 7pm in Brooker Lounge to hear what the MMC is all about and general shennanigans. Brooker is one of the Ridgeline houses. Its near Tavern and where we had the OINK slideshow.

Weekend hiking trips!
1) Hike Mount Mansfield, the highest Mountain in Vermont, this weekend with Johna Iannitto, Trina Thornburgh, and Kelly Slentz. The plan is to depart from Middlebury Friday afternoon, make camp, eat dinner, play games and go to sleep. Saturday morning, we will summit Mount Mansfield, eat lunch, and return to Midd Saturday afternoon. Food and gear will be provided by MMC. Email Johna at jiannit@middlebury.edu to rsvp.

2) Spencer, Carl, and Clark will be leading an overnight hiking trip on Vermont's own Long Trail.  We'll leave Friday afternoon and hike 4.1 miles to the Glen Ellen Lodge on top of Sugarbush Mountain, where we will spend the night.  We should be returning to Middlebury some time Saturday in the late morning/early afternoon.  This weekend will be one of the last times you can enjoy the Vermont wilderness before it gets seriously cold so we hope you can join us! To sign up, email either Clark (chatheway@middlebury.edu) or Spencer (srellis@middlebury.edu)

3) Camel's Hump Overnight:  Come hike with Annika and Becky for an awesome adventure up the steep and treacherous slopes of Camel's Hump.  We will leave Friday afternoon and spend the night on the side of the mountain, preparing ourselves for the exhilarating summit on saturday.  Make sure you don't have class after 1:30--  we need to leave early in the afternoon to get into camp before dark!  Email annika silverman to sign up!

So, clap your heels, do a jig, and join us for the Welcome Event tomorrow at 7, and maybe even come for a hike this weekend! Thanks for signing up on our email list, let the adventures begin!