Wednesday, April 7

Trips, Movies, and Gettin' Naked!

Hello to all the whos down in Middlebury, specifically those associated with one Middlebury Mountain Club...

Camel's Hump Hike, This Saturday 
Wanna get down and dirty and conquer the last of the mud/snow to summit Vermont's third highest peak?  We sure do and we'd love to have you along!  See you this Saturday at Camel's Hump, 
Darcy, Emma, and Jenny.  (email to sign up)

Kayaking and Canoeing Movies! Saturday night, Brooker, 10 PM
nuff said!

Wanna Pose Nudified for the 2020-2011 Naked Calendar?
The Mountain Club is looking for naked-loving-outdoorsy people to pose naked for the 2010-2011 Naked Calendar! Awwww Yeah!

As Such! MMC Unite! Or, in other words, Mountain Club Unite Under Uni-powered Understated Urban Usurpers! (MCUUUUUU!!!!! is the call of the ancient swiss mountain men and women, shouted from the top of the alps to instill fear in the mountain goats before the MCUUUUUers went to ride them, all night long)

Signing off,
Thomas J. Sawyer
Dartmouth '82
UVA '94
UT '99
Here '08

Middlebury Mountain Club
Middlebury's largest and oldest student organization
gear hours: 7 - 10 PM, every Tuesday and Thursday in FIC Basement