Thursday, April 29

So Many Mountain Club Adventures this Weekend!

Hello All!
Everyone always says that nothing rhymes with "THE BEST WEEKEND YOU WILL EVER HAVE." Except now there is an answer, provided by the Middlebury Mountain Club: "THiS WEEKEND." That is a non-refundable guarantee! Guaranteed! Are you questioning the validity of that rhyme, or if it even is a rhyme? Then read on!

This Thursday - 29th
Polar Bearing, 10:30 PM Thursday Night, ADK, Jump in Water, Live it up, You know how we roll

This Friday - 30th
MOUNTAIN CLUB PARTY! WAAHOO! 8:30 PM Friday Night at Brooker. Go Wild? Sure!

This Saturday - May 1st
Climbing in the Keene Valley area of the Adirondacks, Saturday! 
Email ASAP to get on the list. Leaving around 8AM (For people with limited experience climbing outdoors)

Hiking Wolfjaw with Connor and Elizabeth, Saturday! 
Email cfitzsim@midd to sign up.

Hiking Killington (Vermont's second highest peak) with Alex and Darcy, Saturday! 

E-mail ASAP to sign-up. Space is limited!

Friday, May 7th - Vermont State Arbor Day Celebration Friday. Come learn about trees, celebrate trees, and plant trees!
Tour of Middlebury's Trees: 3-4pm (Meet outside McCullough)
Tree Planting and Celebration: 4-5:30pm (Meet in front of FIC)

Sunday, May 9th - The much awaited, the much dreamed about, the much fantasized about......flamaming......flahamingo! Otherwise known as, FLAMING FLAMINGO! You've heard of it, you've loved it, and you wont believe the glory that is arriving in flamingo form this may! Explosions? Jets of Flame? Am I giving too much away? Consider them teasers, teasers to tease your tease nerve (if you know what I mean) BOTTOM LINE: There will be fire, there will be fun, as well as a COOKOUT where we will be grilling meat and non-meat items! This is a fantastic study break opportunity! The vans leave ADK at 4pm

A dream dreamt alone is alone a dream, a dream dreamt together is a reality

Lets dream together sometime,

Tom and Huckleberry, dreaming on

Middlebury Mountain Club
Middlebury's largest and oldest student organization
gear hours: 7 - 10 PM, every Tuesday and Thursday in FIC Basement