Wednesday, March 17

Presentation Tomorrow, Axe & Saw Workshop, And More!

Dear all Mountain Clubbers, 
Some great events coming up, including a great talk tomorrow (take a break from the 'ol ball and chain of exams). Check 'em out and put them on your calendars, these are gonna be awesome, hope to see you there!

Presentation by John Illig: "My Three Long Hikes: The Appalachian Trail, The Pacific Crest Trail, The Continental Divide Trail"
TOMMOROW7PM at Union High School in Town - see poster below
Going to be an amazing presentation by John Illig -- Hiker, Author, and Middlebury College Squash Coach

Here over Spring Break? Come to the Ax & Saw workshop!
Tools provided (Axes and Crosscut Saws), no experience necessary. It will be one afternoon during 2nd half of break, email renee if interested and if you have a day preference.

Waypoint Namibia: a slideshow and presentation by climber/writer/guide Majka Burhardt
Wednesday, April 7, 7:00 pm, Axinn 229
Co-sponsored by the MMC and the Franklin Environmental Center at Hillcrest
Free admission
This promises to be an AWESOME show
In May, 2009, Majka Burhardt led a small team of explorers into a landscape of translucent scorpions, laser sharp granite cracks, 1.7 meter-long cobra tracks, and the Himba people--one of the last great Southern African pastoral tribes, all in the name of first ascents and cultural connection. 
Namibia is Africa's newest independent country and was the first country in the world to mandate conservation in its constitution. As one of the least populated countries in the world, and one of the most progressive in Africa, Namibia combines peace, stability, and accessibility with rugged wildness and remoteness. In the past decade, Namibia has also developed a globally renowned system for resource management that pairs the conservation of natural lands with the economic stability of rural communities. How does adventure complement, and conflict with, environmental understanding? Majka Burhardt shares her story of connection with a country in Africa that impacts policy and economics from Mongolia to the United States. For more about Majka, check out her website:

Have a Great Spring Break! Enjoy the Sunshine!
- Tom Sawyer, just the 'ol joe sitting on the corner by the bakery

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