Monday, March 1

Galavanting Goading Guide Glory & Last Chance to Live in Brooker

You are the Middlebury Mountain Club Members that the World has been waiting for! Congratulations! Horoscope say today is YOUR DAY to do something BIG (unless you are a gemini). This could include everything from running around campus naked, singing an improvised song to your neighbor in the dining hall (yes, they are dying to hear your beautiful voice), or signing up for THE GUIDE SESSIONS and WILDERNESS FIRST AID!!!!! Go Crazy!

And now for some quick thinking, here is spoon-feed information to stimulate your B..R..A..I..N..S (the most vital of the human organs in the event of a zombie evasion)

Today is your LAST CHANCE to get those emails in to Holly O'Donnel ( if you are interested in living in Brooker. The last email was unclear on this matter but TONIGHT IS THE DEADLINE for anyone who wants to live in Brooker next year! Email holly with your name, year, which semesters you want to live there, single or double preference, roommate preference, and your favorite type of ice cream.

3 spots left in the guide seminars this weekend, March 6-7
After a very successful guide meeting last Wednesday night, we currently have a total of 3 spots left between our two winter guide seminars going out this coming weekend. First three to email Marty at will get spots! Our two guide seminars going out the first weekend of April are both currently full, but stay tuned to see if spots open up. If you'd like to go on a guide seminar but didn't get a spot in any of these four trips, email Marty--she will try her best to schedule another one if there is demand!
Sign up for Wilderness First Aid courses this spring
There are three Wilderness First Aid (WFA) courses taking place this spring within a reasonable drive from Middlebury:
April 10-11: Green Mtn. Club, Waterbury Center
April 17-18: Hulbert Outdoor Center, Fairlee
May 1-2: Green Mtn. Club, Waterbury Center
The MMC will be providing vans to transport aspiring guides to these courses, but you must sign up for the course yourself through the SOLO website:
If you have signed up and you would like a ride in the MMC van, email Marty at and let her know.

What to look forward to within the next 42 Days: 
1) A Zombie Invasion (protect those brains now! Invest in a shotgun, available for only $99.99 from one Thomas Sawyer)
2) Good food! 2010 is estimated to have the best food on the planet ever created. This is in part due to global warming (not actually true), and also due in part to people's perceptions of the food that they already have. So, eat up, because global warming is coming now - you never know how long you'll be able to eat that chevre (available for only $22.95/lb from one Thomas Sawyer)
3) The Capitalist Dream! If you were born into some form of power/money, you can look forward to continued returns on that investment, congratulations! If not, you can buy the capitalist dream for only $300.00 hard cash. This is a one time offer provided to you from the mountain club and one Thomas Sawyer (please respond to this email if you are interested in purchasing this option. Nothing like a little capitalism to put some spice in your life!))
4) FINALLY, what you have all been waiting for....A CHANGE IN OUR EMAIL SYSTEM COMING SOON! This is particularly exciting for those of you who don't appreciate my sense of humor and would like to be removed IMMEDIATELY (pending technological and bureaucratic snags that could result in one year of inaction). This will be coming up in the next few weeks, and the transition to the all-famous CollegiateLink will be complete! If you would like to remain on the email list, please secure 5 USD for one Thomas Sawyer, he will make it happen. Lets just say he knows a guy who knows a guy that can help you out, but he might need to be "loosened up" a little bit, if you know what I mean. Eh? Just make it happen
5) A little bit of loving. Available for $100?

Leaving it there,
Thom Saw
Money Maker Extraordinaire