Friday, March 5

Fireside Tonight, Weekend Trips, and more

Hey Everybody,
Some great events this weekend and throughout the week. Check them out!

Fireside Tonight - 6PM in Brooker
Quesadillas - Games - Movie Screening (9ish)
Come enjoy the fun at this classic MMC night of gallantry!

Snowshoe Mt. Ellen THIS SUNDAY with Janet, Evan, and Elizabeth. 
Leaving Sunday morning, an eight mile round-trip snowshoe on the Jerusalem and Long Trails, with great views at the top.  Back by 4:00, so you can get all that homework you put off until Sunday done! Email to sign up.

Van Classes for Guides - April 2nd and May 3rd
Contact Ed Sullivan to sign up for either classes (April 2nd at 9:00 or May 3rd at 12:00 in the Mitchell Green Lounge)
Being registered to drive Middlebury Vans is not only helpful, but you need it to be a guide!

Please Return Sleds
Our sleds are disappearing quickly and furiously. We need them for our survival (sleds are a major food source of the brooker tribe). Sleds should be returned to Brooker, Thanks!

PRESENTATION: "Secrets of Shangri-la" - Thursday March 11th at 7PM in Hillcrest 103 with Morgan Boyles
A film about the National Geographic/North Face expedition that recently discovered Buddhist murals and Bön texts in the restricted area of Mustang, Nepal. 
Grab some food and come to Hillcrest to learn about the last remaining Sakya Kingdom in the world and Tibetan culture of the region. Questions about the region's past as and its future as globalization and climate change erodes the cultural and physical landscape of this sacred place.  Here is is the a trailer
The film will be followed by slides from the trip with Morgan Boyles '12.5

WFA and WFR Update
For Everyone Interested in getting reimbursed for WFA and WFR, the MMC will provide half reimbursement for WFR course if taken through Middlebury over Feb break only if the individual led the appropriate number of trips within the school year
Free WFA certification will be available for all OINK leaders in the fall. As such, reimbursement is not available for individuals taking courses this semester, but hopefully we'll see you in the Fall for WFA!

Have a great day! Enjoy the beginnings of spring!
Tom Sawyer