Wednesday, February 24

Guide Meeting Wednesday, Northern Lights Competition Friday

Why Howdy Everybody!

Another great day out there folks. It's nice, it's warm, the maple trees are running, and the squirrels are too! It's a perfect one for an after class bike ride or hike on snake mountain.

It'll be at 9:00 PM this Wednesday (February 24th) in Brooker. 
Everyone who is already a guide, on their way to becoming a guide, or interested in becoming a guide should come. We'll talk about the process and plan lots of trips for the rest of the semester! Anyone who can't make it but is still interested should email marty at

The MMC HolChristian Administration was in caucus late last night, reporters on the scene reported a report that they reportedly reported to the press that they were possibly in debates surrounding THIS COMPETITION... reportedly. They have determined a unified stance on the matter of snow. There will be a snow dance asking for some snow today and tomorrow at Brooker for anyone who shows up (all day long, full intensity, full hearts). And, whether that is successful or not, THE COMPETITION WILL BE HELD!

Who: You and five friends
What: Relay races (snowshoe, human dogsled, sledding, tug-o-war)
When: Friday, February 26th 2-5 pm
Where: Outside Monroe
Why: For fun and $200 worth of prizes awarded to top teams.
How: email kslentz@midd with a team or just show up and we'll put you on a team!!

Sponsored by the Mountain Club and Winter Carnival Committee
Please note that the snow dance will be happening only in our imaginations, or for anyone who actually does want to live this one up...

Thomas Sawyer